Research and Development

Research and Development

R&D is a business area aimed at developing new products based on unique recipes and improving the existing ones

R&D objectives

The synergy of our development engineers’ intellectual potential and our production capabilities is focused on regularly launching new products, developing innovative recipes, and designing attractive packaging.

Development of recipes and specifications

At least 1 product is launched every week

Economic efficiency

Development and introduction of economically viable production processes

Development of launch plans

and ramp-up of enterprises to the target capacity

Approval of new suppliers

of raw and other materials to be used in production

Development of packaging materials

caring about human health and protecting the planet

Research & Development activities

Strong R&D capabilities are important for sustained strategic development of in-house production facilities and the Company as a whole. R&D activities are carried out in the following areas:

Development of new products based on unique recipes

Optimization of recipes and packaging materials

Approval of suppliers and raw and other materials

Technological support of outsourcing

Before the product appears on the shelves, a lot of work has to be done by our development specialists – from the initial idea to introduction of the technological process on the production lines.

Yuri Keyn

Head Manager for Development of In-House Production Technologies


Product quality and safety have always been a priority for all in-house production facilities. In 2020, our R&D focused on caring about the health of the humankind and protecting our planet. With regard to packaging, this trend has led to active introduction of sustainable solutions at our in-house production facilities


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share of paper and cardboard packaging certified by the FSC

fewer packaging materials consumed due to optimization of individual packaging parameters – reduced thickness of material, smaller dimensions, and use of mono-laminates

technology for transition to using recycled materials – shrink wrap for multi-unit packaging

share of recyclable individual packaging

potentially toxic polystyrene (PS) with PET for individual packaging

R&D by numbers

SKUs launched in 2020
specifications developed and updated
area of the Innovation Centre of R&D laboratories
development engineers

R&D ideas in practice

Automatic dosing of raw materials
Automatic dosing of raw materials

Centralized supply and dosing of raw materials is done automatically without any human involvement, which allows following the recipes precisely.

Use of Cold Seal in packaging materials
Use of Cold Seal in packaging materials

High-speed packaging lines installed at LLC Konditer Kubani, which make over 1,000 packages per minute, use custom-made packaging film with Cold Seal adhesive. The technology ensures delicate and quick packaging of products using a film reel by means of pressure applied without heating the seam, which reduces the time required by 50% to 100%. Such packaging is also more convenient for the end consumer.

Use of anti-slip sheets for stabilizing assembled lots
Use of anti-slip sheets for stabilizing assembled lots

When stowing the end products on pallets, anti-slip sheets are used to stabilize the loaded goods. An anti-slip sheet secures each layer of cartons from the inside and prevents the stack from shifting on the pallet. This allows ensuring pallet stability, significantly increasing the height of the palletized lot, and, in many cases, either not using the stretch film at all or at least the amount of film used.